3D Animation & VFX

18 Months

  • Duration - 18 Months
  • Accrediation - Diploma in Architectural Visualization


Who can forget fatty Panda, who taught us that self-belief can help us scale great heights. Blockbuster movies such as Kung Fu Panda, The Chronicles of Narnia, Wall-E, Up, Spiderman and Despicable Me are striking examples of the miracle that is animation and visual effect. Animation industry has boundless scope for those who love to create magic.

If you have passion about animation and want to create animation as seen in movies, then you can live your dreams.

Yes, if you have the interest. You just need to know how to hold a pencil and operate a computer. We will teach you how to implement your ideas to moving picture and animation.

Animation industry across the world has continued to grow at a rapid pace. In Nepal too, despite its late entry, the animation industry is on the path of expansion and ready to experience a prolonged period of boom. Animation market is estimated to grow globally to $40.78 billion in 2019.

As of year 2015, animators reported average hourly earnings of $32.72 and an average annual salary of $68,060. Half of the animators working in the United States reported yearly incomes ranging from $45,750 to $82,860.

In Nepal, junior animators make earnings of NRs. 15,000 – 20,000 while senior animators make NRs. 50,000+ per month. In animation job market, earning is decided on the basis of talent strength and show reel. If your portfolio is outstanding, you can be earning as much as NRs. 70,000+.

You can be your own boss, work flexibly, and be responsible for your own success by working as a freelancer. Many jobs are available in online market. If you are thinking of becoming an animator then this course is for you. The 24-month course starts from elementary level and you will acquire complete knowledge of 3D Animation and VFX. You will be provided training to acquire the necessary skills like story writing, sketch and storyboarding, character design, modeling, rigging, animation, light and texturing, composting, editing and sound effects.

Course Content

  • Sketch and storyboard
  • Digital art and matte painting
  • 3D Animation with Maya
  • Digital Sculpting
  • Liquid simulation
  • Composition with layer and node base
  • Visual Editing
  • Sound editing
  • Projects


  • Student will have complete knowledge of production baseline
  • Can handle any kind of workflow
  • Create 3D models of own characters
  • Create pre-production look, processes and techniques necessary for portraying art director’s vision of the movie
  • Design environments based on the story and script
  • Conceptualize and visualize ideas including complex backgrounds, landscapes and environments
  • Create an acting performance and bring the character to life through movement and expressions
  • Interpret scripts via images that best convey the story, plan and coordinate images from thumbnails for planning shots to final storyboards that visually demonstrate how the story will develop
  • Work to embed an animated character into a live-action scene and/or enhance the sense of depth
  • Create liquid simulations
  • Use drawing, composition, and perspective to create proportion, line of action, structure, and basic anatomy, while working in areas as varied as animation, character design, clean-up, doping, modeling, slugging, and storyboarding
  • Digital sculpting

Job Profile

  • Animation Director
  • Animator
  • Art Director
  • CG Supervisor
  • Character Designer
  • Cloth Simulation Artist
  • Compositor
  • Concept Artist
  • Creative Director
  • Visual Effects Designer
  • Environment Designer
  • Layout Artists
  • Modeling Supervisor
  • Pre-Vis Artist
  • Rigging Supervisor
  • Roto Artist
  • Shading/Texture Supervisor, Sound Editor

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